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The Tutu Project

Bob Carey is a photographer who faced a problem that most of us can relate to: his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  He’s done this series of amazingly poignant and funny self-portraits in a pink tutu in order to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research – it’s called The Tutu Project.

These photographs are all so disarmingly sweet, and it’s impossible not to appreciate his total ability to let it all hang out – in a pink tutu nonetheless.

Head over to his site if you’re interested in donating money towards breast cancer research.  You can receive one of his prints, as well as purchase a forthcoming book of more pink tutu photographs!  Cannot wait to see the whole series.

Holi Video

I know, I know, I’m obsessed.  But honestly, what’s not to absolutely love about this little film?  It’s nothing short of magical.  Soon, Holi, soon….


Paul Cadden

Can you believe that these are drawings?  I’ve always admired people with drawing skills so precise they look like they’re actually photographs, but these drawings by Paul Cadden blow almost anything I’ve ever seen out of the water – what he calls “hyperrealist”.


Handmade Fonts

I’m always interested in lettering that goes a step above average.  If you feel the same, I suggest checking out Handmadefont - below is just one of their gorgeous fonts in use.  The alphabets they create are so creative and inventive!

Jingle Trucks

Of all of the amazing things that I saw in India, I think that the jingle trucks were by far my favorite.  All over Indian highways there are these Tata trucks that each driver fully customizes to their own liking, painting them brilliant colors, adding eyes to the back and front of the truck, dangling pompoms and tassels from every available point.  They’re all totally unique, and often made even more so by their unique horns – every time I heard them they would send me into hysterics.  meepMEEPmeepMEEPmeepMEEP or boopBOOP-beeeeep-boopBOOP-beep and so on, passing you at breakneck speeds and with mere inches to spare on each side.

If you’d like to learn bit more about these amazing trucks, click here for an in-depth history.

Unique Boutonnieres

Instead of the boring and matching traditional groom’s boutonniere, why not try one of these fun ideas instead?

See more ideas here.

Bonsai Architecture

I am completely bowled over by these miniature bonsai sculptures/architectural models by Takanori Aiba.  The level of detail is just astounding.

I want to live in one of these tiny houses!


I’ve previously posted about Holi but I was reminded of it this week when I talked to all my new Indian friends and they were all gathering to celebrate this amazing festival.  If only we had stayed another week we could have participated with everyone!  Sigh.  Oh well, next time!

Has anyone ever been able to participate in any Holi festivities?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!  It looks like so much fun.

Bespoke Tents

Imagine having one of these tents hanging out in your backyard, just waiting for a party – I think I’d have to have people over every day, just to show it off.

If you’re so inclined, you can get a fully-custom tent made for yourself at Boutique Tents!

Akshardam Temple

When I was in India, there was this amazing temple that we had a chance to visit, but unfortunately I was not able to take pictures.  Thankfully, there are ones provided by the temple website that I can share here.  It was an amazing temple – incredible hand-carved details and a monumental scale.  We had to take off our shoes to visit, which I think only heightens the experience.  What’s amazing about it is that it was only built in the last 10 or so years, and isn’t some ancient artifact.  The level of craftsmanship is simply astounding; you really start to think that no one in the world values craftsman anymore, until you see this.

The above picture is a detail of the ceiling – not only do the layers go up in ascending order, but they’re all carved from just one piece of marble.  Can you imagine the patience and precision it would take in order to create something like this not just once, but many times over?  There are a dozen ceilings like this, all with their own unique design.

What’s amazing is that all of this lies in the heart of busy, congested, polluted Delhi.  The grounds alone are a fantastic respite from the hustle and bustle, and would be impressive anywhere, let alone in the middle of a chaotic cosmopolitan city.


I made a little road trip out to Arches National Park last summer and have only just now gotten around to looking at the pictures.  It was an amazing photographic opportunity – it had been raining on and off for several days so I was able to get lots of super-saturated colors and the usually blindingly bright light was more subdued.  Here are a few of my favorites.

You generally don’t think about the desert having so many different colors, but between the vegetation and all of the beautiful and strange colors caused by the unique geology of the area, there really is quite a bit of depth out there in the wastelands.

What is one of your favorite places to photograph?

Josh Keyes

I’ve always really been struck by Josh Keyes’ work, and the juxtaposition between completely disparate elements.  There’s a certain cheekiness to his paintings, the message of which is only bolstered by his evident skill with a brush.  Click here to see more of his paintings.

His official biography:

“Josh Keyes was born in Tacoma, Washington. He received a BFA in 1992 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA in 1998 from Yale. Eighteenth-century aesthetics and philosophies, particularly those of the Neoclassical and Romantic movements, shape his work. Keyes is drawn to the clinical and often cold vocabulary of scientific textbook illustrations, which express the empirical “truth” of the world and natural phenomena. He infuses into a rational stage set many references to contemporary events along with images and themes from his personal mythology and experience. These elements come together in an unsettling vision, one that speaks to the hope, fear, and anxiety of our time. Keyes currently lives and works in Portland Oregon with his wife, graphic designer Lisa Ericson.”



I recently had the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding in…India!  It was totally last minute and I only got to spend about 9 total days over there but I had the absolute time of my life.  Indian hospitality is legendary.  They treated as as part of the family, quite truly.  There is no way to describe everything we saw and experienced in that time, but here are some of my favorite pictures, just to give you an idea.

Carr Manor

In Cripple Creek, Colorado (a town more known for casinos and motorcycle touring) there is a fabulous old schoolhouse-turned-hotel called Carr Manor.  I was fortunate enough to stop in for a visit a year or so ago and was charmed by the entire schoolhouse itself, as well as the rooms, which are all individually appointed and share such features as original blackboards.  One of the rooms even has a built-in hot tub/bar!

If you ever happen to find yourself in Cripple Creek, I think this would be a fantastic place to stay, and if not that, at least a great place to stop in for a visit.

Jellyfish Tank

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with jellyfish, in that I love them and think they’re fascinating and beautiful to watch but I hate them because I am really allergic and thus terribly afraid of them.  I’ve had my fair share of encounters with the squiggly beasts out there in the wilderness, but I think that I would prefer them in a lovely enclosed container on my desk.

This amazing tank is specially designed to hold jellyfish, which would get sucked up into the water intake of a normal fishtank.  Thanks to great success on kickstarter, you can preorder your tank right now!

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