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Drop City

I stumbled across pictures of this commune and they really caught my eye. Geodesic domes are interesting (somewhat) but a pretty typical sight in the hippie-prone west – however, I’ve never seen them so colorful and out of what looks like stained glass.

drop cityIt would be an interesting way to live.   Everyone brushes off all of the communes in the 70′s as they didn’t survive very well, but I’ve noticed that a lot of the lifestyle choices they were trying to make have come back in vogue.  Living simply and sustainably, growing your own food, using solar power, etc. are all enjoying a comeback, albeit in a more mainstream way.  Somehow, I don’t know if these multicolor domes will ever catch on again.

3 Responses to “Drop City”

  1. cabin + cub Says:

    oooh.. they look like arty little bio-domes. i wonder too, if communes will become popular again, with the resurgence of being sustainability.

  2. Agnes Says:

    This is really interesting, I wonder what it is like inside those domes?

  3. Amanda Nicole Says:

    My guy’s theatre company uses these for performances. They’re portable and create a really unique space.

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