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Easy Elegant Centerpiece

If you’re planning an event or wedding, and are looking for an interesting and different centerpiece, why not try something new?  It’s a great way to cut down on costs associated with flowers, and you’ll be able to re-use the pieces over and over.  The best part is that it can be done very cheaply and easily!

candlesTo make this centerpiece, I scoured thrift and secondhand stores to find lots of similarly-sized glass containers.  You could use tumblers, or mason jars, shot glasses, or just about anything.  I think that having lots of different sizes, shapes and patterns makes it more visually interesting.  All of these containers were found for $.25 apiece.  Inside all of these jars are just cheap tealights that you can find at any neighborhood store.

You could do an arrangement like this on a round table or a rectangular one.  I used a long piece of leftover granite (these make great serving platters, by the way, and you can often get scraps at your local stonecutter for next to nothing) to elevate the candles in the center.  Throw in a couple of cheap pillars in the middle and cascade the heights down as you move outside of the center.  Try to keep all of the candles the same color, as it will unite all of the disparate elements.  Light, and enjoy all of the compliments!

6 Responses to “Easy Elegant Centerpiece”

  1. Lizardo Art Says:

    Cool idea! Love how versatile it is. Great ambiance!

  2. joy white Says:

    Looks so romantic. My local art gallery is having a thrift sale, you have given me a great idea – Thanks!

  3. Jennifer Mullin Says:

    This is a great idea! I may just do this for my wedding.

  4. Tali Schiffer-Oren Says:

    What a great idea! and it looks so classic and elegant yet with a twist of eclectic and hip!

  5. Amanda Nicole Says:

    Ooo, so sparkly and dramatic! I love the simplicity of a cluster of tealights.

  6. Kelly Says:

    Great idea..simple beauty!

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