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Brilliance in Glass – Dale Chihuly

photo28His work has always fascinated me.  When I was younger,  I remember being in Hawai’i with my parents and stumbling into an art gallery.  Here, on the walls, were these gigantic, fantastic abstract shapes that reminded me of corals and anemones and all sorts of interesting sea creatures.


I think that his work has moved on considerably since then, and I still find it fascinating.  All of the giant chandeliers with swirls coming out of them, and the installation pieces in botanic gardens.  I love how he pulls inspiration from the natural world around him and turns it into glass.

What I also find compelling about his work is the amount of people that it takes to make his ideas into reality.  One person alone can’t create all of the pieces needed for one of his large sculpture, and one person alone can’t even create one of the enormous plates.  It takes so much skill and commitment and teamwork to be able to make these things happen, and I find that fact to be equally inspiring.  I could hardly make a glass paperweight without having people helping me!

Who is one of your favorite artists, and why?

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